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Abundant Life

I have an abundance of stuff in my home.  I have an overflowing sock drawer, a more than adequate supply of breakfast cereal, and an abounding mound of laundry.

I also have an abundance of activities on my calendar.  I have a ton of commitments, a large number of obligations, and several fun-filled social engagements.

On one level, I am thankful for these things (okay maybe not the laundry) but the fact that they exist in abundance doesn’t do much for my spirituality.  Most of this stuff just distracts me from seeking the real thing.

Confusing God’s abundance with accumulation and activity is fairly common.  Most people, myself included, rush about in an effort to have more and to do more.  But more of what?

It’s no surprise that God’s agenda does not prioritize material things or busyness.  He explains in John 10:10 that the life he wants for us directly competes with the life the world offers.  The enemy comes to “steal, kill, and destroy” (hardly appealing) but Jesus comes that we can have a full life. I think most people’s lives are full but with the wrong things.

God offers us a life full of stuff that Satan has no power over.  Things he cannot steal, kill or destroy, at least not unless we let him.  Jesus offers us forgiveness, healing, rest, peace, contentment and love and the only way we lose out in those areas is if we fail to claim His promises or if we choose to live outside his will.  Otherwise, he will fill us to overflowing with the stuff that really matters.

In certain situations, like my laundry heap, more is not better.  But if it’s more of God and His goodness, I’ll welcome the abundance.

(Originally posted in 2009)


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