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Anxiety Therapy

Has Anxiety Made It Impossible To Slow Your Brain Down?

Is anxiety causing life to feel like it’s speeding by at a hundred kilometres per hour? 

Do you find yourself constantly racing towards goals but never quite reaching them? 

Maybe stress is preventing you from truly enjoying the present moment, leaving you with panic attacks, sleep troubles, and a constant sense of unease.

nxiety keeps you in a perpetual state of being "always on," with electrified energy in your body and relentless thoughts. You may try to push through, thinking it's not a big deal, but that only adds to your stress, creating a never-ending cycle of anxiety and busyness.

Deep down, you wish someone truly understood the pain of living with anxiety and could offer practical skills to manage it in real-life situations.


Anxiety Is Your Body Trying To Communicate With You 


Anxiety may seem like it's working against you, but it's actually your body's way of signalling that something needs attention. Trying to push it away can backfire, as you need all your emotions to feel complete—including anxiety. The important thing is to manage anxiety so it doesn't take over your life.


At Covey Wellness Centre, our aim is to help you listen to your anxiety, understand its messages, and stop it from interfering with your daily life. Rather than trying to eliminate anxiety, our therapy approach focuses on building a healthier relationship with it.


Anxiety Is The Natural Byproduct Of A World That Encourages Us To Never Turn Off


Anxiety is a normal part of life that everyone experiences to some degree. However, when our stressors exceed our ability to cope, it's a sign that seeking help for anxiety is worthwhile.


Unfortunately, chronic anxiety has become all too common in today's society. Our culture promotes a constant pursuit of success, pushing us to work tirelessly, stay connected nonstop, and never take a break. We're led to believe that lack of productivity equals failure, so we push ourselves until we reach a breaking point.


This relentless drive for success leaves little room for self-reflection. We're so busy and focused on maintaining an image that we neglect to be curious and kind to ourselves and others. As a result, our stress continues to accumulate without being addressed. The less we listen to our internal experiences, the harder it becomes to regulate our emotions.


In anxiety counselling, you have the opportunity to slow down and give yourself permission to step back. You don't have to do it all or strive for an unattainable image of perfection. This is a chance to be vulnerable, reflect on your life, and reconnect with the emotions that you've been avoiding.

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Therapy Can Help You Cultivate A Healthier Relationship With Anxiety


When people try to manage anxiety, they often rely on surface-level solutions without tackling the underlying issues. They might think, "I cut out that toxic friend or left that stressful job, but my anxiety remains." The truth is that external factors like people and places aren't solely responsible for anxiety. Even if you remove some stressors, it may not fully resolve the issue when your mind is in overdrive.


For true healing from anxiety, it's essential to address the root causes and understand what's happening in your body. That's precisely what we aim to help you achieve. Through therapy, we promote self-awareness, enabling you to confront the core issues behind your anxiety and find a path forward to overcome the overwhelm.

What To Expect In Anxiety Counselling Sessions


Understanding your inner thoughts and beliefs can take time. You might have held onto certain beliefs without questioning them for your whole life. For example, you might tell yourself, "I'm only valuable if I achieve X or Y." In therapy, you can explore and challenge these self-messages. By paying attention to your anxiety, you'll uncover the subconscious patterns it has created in your life.

Additionally, one of the main goals of anxiety therapy is reconnecting with your body. Your physical symptoms greatly influence your thoughts and emotions and vice versa. Finding peace and safety in your body is a powerful way to manage stress levels effectively.

Creating Your Anxiety Treatment Plan

At Covey Wellness Centre, we take a diverse approach to help you conquer anxiety and find empowerment. We focus on the relational aspect of anxiety, recognizing that our connections with others deeply influence how we feel. In therapy, we explore how anxiety intertwines with your social, familial, and romantic life.


To soothe anxiety, we use a variety of DBT skills (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy). These techniques offer strategies to cope with and reduce stress, improve boundaries and assertiveness, and enhance your mindful awareness of the present.

Remember, you're not alone in your fears. Anxiety might make you feel powerless, but with the right help and support, you can regain control and find your place in the world. You don't have to drown in stress; there's space for you to thrive and flourish again

You May Have Some Questions And Concerns About Anxiety Therapy…


If I’m already overwhelmed, how can I fit therapy into my schedule?


At Covey Wellness Centre, we start where you are and work around what you’re able to do. We can provide virtual sessions, lunch-hour sessions, evening sessions, and even weekend sessions to accommodate the busyness of your life. That said, it’s important to prioritize self-care no matter how full your schedule is. When your mental health improves, every area of your life generally improves as well.

What if I’m afraid to share the thoughts I have about myself and others?


It’s completely normal to have intrusive thoughts that feel shameful or embarrassing. We all have voices in our heads telling us a variety of stories that may or may not be true. Examining those stories isn’t always easy, but it’s an important step for increasing your insight and self-awareness.


Thankfully, therapy is a confidential, nonjudgmental place where you don’t have to censor yourself or try to manage your image.

How can talking about anxiety actually make it better?


In anxiety therapy, we dive deep into the topic of anxiety with a purpose. It's not just casual chatter like discussing a friend or sports game. We actively explore your anxiety to understand its underlying causes and uncover the unspoken aspects.

Sharing your internal experiences in therapy has a powerful effect on your brain and body. It eases the burden of pressure and shame, lifting a weight off your chest. Clients often find it surprising how much better they feel after sharing their anxiety with a counsellor. It's like a sigh of relief.

Move Forward With Peace And Perspective

It’s perfectly understandable to feel anxious about starting therapy. It’s a big step. We applaud you for your courage and will give you the skills to regulate your stress and achieve peace of mind. To connect with an anxiety therapist, you can use the contact form or call 249-888-7955.

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