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Trauma Therapy

Has Trauma Made You Feel Unsafe In Your Own Skin?

Do you have a painful past experience that still affects you deeply? 
Are intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, or panic attacks causing you distress? 


Does fear of being hurt again make it difficult to trust those around you? 

Living with trauma can lead to emotional swings, ranging from overwhelming sadness to anxious energy. At times, you might feel numb and disconnected from your own life. If you're experiencing these struggles, it might be worth considering the support of a trauma therapist.

Perhaps You’re Not Even Sure If There’s Trauma In Your Life

Have you struggled with depression or anxiety for as long as you can remember, unsure of the root cause? Perhaps you've wondered if there's trauma in your past, but you're unsure if your experience qualifies as "traumatic." It's possible that others have downplayed your experiences or dismissed your feelings, causing you to hesitate about seeking help.
But deep down, you recognize the pain you're going through, and you desire to connect with someone who truly understands you. 
If this resonates with you, we encourage you to consider trauma therapy with us. At Covey Wellness Centre, we offer a compassionate, trauma-informed approach to counselling that can help you process your emotional pain and regain control over your life.


Virtually Everyone Has Experienced Trauma—Whether They Know It Or Not


Traumatic events can overwhelm your nervous system, leaving a lasting impact on your mental health. There are two types of traumas: Big-T and little-t. Big-T traumas are single events like assaults, while little-t traumas are prolonged painful experiences such as toxic relationships.


Many traumas take place during childhood and adolescence before the brain is fully developed. ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) are common traumas that happen between ages 0-18 when the brain is still developing. These experiences include bullying, discrimination, divorced parents, or exposure to domestic violence. Even if not immediately recognized, these childhood traumas can continue to affect individuals well into adulthood.


Many People With Trauma Don’t Get The Emotional Support They Need


The barriers to seeking help for trauma can be varied. Sometimes it's the lack of public mental health funding. Other times it's the fear of facing stigma and judgment, which is particularly true for first responders like firefighters, police officers, and paramedics. They are often told to tough it out and be strong, dismissing the impact of trauma on their mental health.


In therapy, you don't need to suppress your feelings or pretend to be strong. Here, you have a safe space to openly share your emotions with someone who will validate, encourage, and equip you with practical tools to work through your trauma.


Trauma Therapy Can Give You A Toolbox Of Skills For Calming Your Mind And Regulating Your Body


Facing past pain can be stressful, but our therapists are mindful of this. In trauma therapy, we prioritize creating a sense of safety in your body to avoid re-injury of old emotional wounds.


Whether your trauma is from sexual abuse, toxic relationships, or any painful experience, we'll provide strategies to keep you grounded during counselling. Once you can handle distress and have the tools to regulate your emotions, your therapist will help you explore and bring awareness to the sources of your trauma.

What To Expect In Trauma Therapy Sessions


Therapy moves at a gentle pace at Covey Wellness Centre, allowing you to share your story when you feel ready, as there's no pressure to process all your trauma at once. Our focus is on healing your nervous system injuries and providing coping skills to manage stress mindfully.


We'll start by exploring your existing coping mechanisms, whether it's numbing emotions with drugs or using alcohol to escape your feelings. Together, we'll work on replacing these unhealthy strategies with healthier alternatives. Your therapist will help you build a personalized toolbox of skills for body regulation, promoting calmness and control.


Your therapy toolbox will be tailored to your preferences. We might incorporate mindfulness techniques like breathwork and meditation to ground you during stressful moments. Additionally, cognitive reprocessing tools can help you address negative beliefs stemming from trauma, leading to improved self-perception.


Our belief is that you don't have to carry the burden of trauma forever. Healing takes time, but with the right support, you can break free from the shadows of the past and find the light at the end of the tunnel.

You May Have Some Questions And Concerns About Trauma Treatment…


Is it possible that I’m suffering from traumatic stress even if I don’t know why?


Absolutely! This is a very common situation. You might not be aware of how your nervous system has been impacted by your life experiences. It's not always a huge, life-altering event that causes dysregulation—it can be the accumulation of many small wounds over time. If you suspect that trauma plays a role in your mental health challenges, it's worth discussing with a trauma-informed counsellor.

Do you work specifically with first responders?


We have a team of therapists experienced in working with trauma survivors, including some with a special interest in helping first responders (one of whom was a first responder herself). We fully grasp the emotional toll that first responders face every day. Our sessions offer a safe place to discuss traumatic incidents that others may not encounter in their daily lives. And don't worry—our sessions are completely confidential, so no one from your workplace will know you're seeking help.

What if I don’t want to revisit my childhood?


Your safety, comfort, and boundaries are our top priority. Healing from trauma doesn't require you to share every detail. While it can be helpful to explore your past gently, it doesn't mean reliving everything. Our focus is on helping you find peace in the present without reopening old emotional wounds.

Take Back Control Of Your Life


If you want to connect with a trauma specialist and put the pain of the past behind you, you can use the contact form or call 249-888-7955. We look forward to working with you!

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