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A Meditation in the Midst of COVID-19


Maybe we all needed to slow down to press pause to notice to find ourselves to find faith to be home and at home to rest and to wake up again.

Maybe we needed this to remind us of stillness of solitude of silence of sabbath.

We are a forgetful people.

Maybe one day a week has not been received has not been observed has not felt like enough.

Maybe sabbath’s holy work has been neglected dismissed forgotten.

Maybe we have been shallow-breathing for much too long and depth is overdue.

Maybe it isn’t really that surprising that respiratory virus has brought our lives to a halt for a season.

Maybe it is for a restorative purpose.

And so, now that we have to we realize that we get to and we inhale and we exhale.

And we are reminded that our doing doesn’t define us that we are human beings.

And though we are pressed and grieving and isolated and burdened and weary we are not alone.

Maybe God has always been there and we needed to stop long enough to draw near.

Maybe now we ponder that our life is but a vapour that His breath sustains us that He fills us that He is already as near as the air we breathe.

Did you forget?

We can remember together.

One breath at a time through this sabbatical.

Questions for Reflection:

  1. What does it mean to truly be at home and at rest? To what extent do you experience that feeling?

  2. In what ways do you find yourself waking up or remembering during this time of slowing down?

  3. What role might sabbath-keeping (or this extended sabbath) play in the restoration of your soul?

  4. What feelings are emerging as you experience a prolonged break in your regular routine? How are you processing them and making sense of them?

  5. How might the spiritual imagery and the physical reality of full and deep breathing anchor you to the presence of God?


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