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Embracing Small Beginnings: The Power of Starting Small

In a world that often glorifies big leaps and monumental achievements, there's profound wisdom in embracing the power of starting small. Kendra Adachi, the author of "The Lazy Genius Way," (sold in the bookshop!) eloquently captures this sentiment by emphasizing the importance of finding what matters most to us and being gentle in our approach to change. 

Starting small is about acknowledging that every big journey begins with a single step. It's the quiet, consistent actions that build the foundation for lasting change. 

Decide what matters most and start there, while letting go of unrealistic expectations. 

Embrace the power of starting small in whatever way you want to grow and change this year with these three tips:

Embrace Imperfection:

One of the most significant barriers to starting something new is the fear of not doing it perfectly. Embrace imperfection and to understand that progress, no matter how small, is still progress. 

The idea is to start where you are, with what you have, and to do what you can. This approach helps in reducing the overwhelming feeling that often accompanies new beginnings and makes the first step doable.  

Progress over perfection, always.

Set Achievable Goals:

Instead of aiming for a drastic transformation as fast as possible, it’s far more effective to set realistic and manageable goals. This could mean reading a few pages of a book each night, walking for ten minutes a day, or taking two minutes to meditate just to get started. 

These small goals are more sustainable and lead to a greater sense of accomplishment. More often than not, once you achieve a small step, it will grow.  Once you’re reading three pages each night, it can turn into ten. Once you’re working ten minutes a day, it can turn into twenty. Once you’re meditating for two minutes a day, it can turn into ten. 

Start small with a first step in any area you care about and you’ll make progress.

The Ripple Effect of Small Actions:

The beauty of starting small lies in the ripple effect it creates. Small actions, repeated over time, lead to significant changes. 

We don't have to overhaul our lives to make a meaningful difference. It's the small, consistent changes that eventually lead to a big impact. A 1% course correction in the direction you want to go leads you closer to your desired destination. 


The power of starting small is a testament to the gradual and consistent approach to life's changes. Inspired by Kendra Adachi's The Laze Genius Way, we learn that it's not about being perfect or making grand gestures, but about taking small steps towards what truly matters. 

Embracing this concept can lead to a more fulfilling, balanced, and meaningful season. Remember, the smallest step in the right direction can end up being the biggest step of your life. Embrace the journey, start small, and see how small steps can lead to big change.

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